Digital volunteering at the National Archives

The National Archives of Australia is dedicated to making records in our collection easier to find, use and reuse.

You can help us reach our goal.

Join our online arcHIVE transcription community and help describe the records we hold that are not yet listed online. This will make them easier to find for everyone.

Along the way you just might discover gems and delights from the archival collection!

To start transcribing, simply click on one of the sample lists below, Browse to find more categories of records or use the Search box above to enter a key word or phrase.

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Difficulty: Easy

Status: Not started

Consignment - A432/27

Page 113 of 209

Difficulty: Easy

Status: In progress

Consignment - PP855/1

Page 80 of 492

BUZZ News!


To date 813785 descriptions of records have been transcribed through HIVE and added to the National Archives’ online database, RecordSearch.

A big thank you to all contributors – keep up the amazing work!

Current progress

72306 of 73698 records have been transcribed.

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